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Custom Avatar

$40.00 - $70.00
Sold Out!


You are purchasing:
a custom avatar badge. Approx 4 x 5" and laminated. (lanyard not included). 
a custom character print. 8x10", not laminated
Worldwide shipping is included. 
You will also receive by email a 400x500 pixel jpeg of your art for your personal use.
If you wish both a print AND a convention badge an extra $20 will be charged. Select your variant when ordering.
You need to supply me the following with your order:
   Name to appear on art (optional)
   Concise description of single character. (If you wish more than one character to appear on your image, you will have purchase more one avatar for each character and email me your preference to combine them into a single badge or print)
   Choice of format (badge or print)   
   References if necessary (ie: url links, photos)
   Eye colour (Do not expect me to see it from a photo)
   Anything else you think I should know.
Failure to include this information will result in your place in my work queue getting bumped to the end of the line, or possibly your order cancelled and your money refunded. Please try to have an idea ready at the time of your order. Delays may result in you not receiving your order in a timely manner as my work window to work on these projects can vary wildly.

My email is lar at lartist dot com
Sorry, no tweaks or adjustments. If you're here it's because you know my art and (I hope) enjoy it. If you don't like what I've done for you, then I'm sorry and you are welcome to order another, but I will not be refunding your purchase for work completed.