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I'll try to keep this page updated with any new questions I receive. If you don't find the information you wish here, please email me

What do you mean by 'digital print'? Is it a download?

No. I simply mean the art has been created digitally. It is not a scan or photo print.

What quality can I expect?

All prints are done on a heavyweight (56lb/210g) high gloss US letter sized paper on a Xerox solid ink printer, which is excellent for colour reproduction, lightfastness and archival quality.

Can I get a poster/t-shirt/other merch version of...?

No. Sorry. You can't. This isn't CafePress or Zazzle. This is just me doing it in my home studio. I don't have the time or the ability to diversify like that.

Why not open a CafePress or other shop?

I have looked into such shops before and I might do that at some point if I get enough interest. However the profit margin is much much lower for me and more expensive for you in many cases.

Do you ship to...?

Yes. I ship worldwide. In general, these are the rates you can expect

Within Canada:
USA All other international
1-3 prints - $4 $6 $10
4+ prints - $0 $0 $0

Yes, that's correct. If you order 4 or more prints your shipping is FREE!

Will you sign my print?

Yes! If you wish a personal dedication, or just a simple signature, I am happy to oblige. Just include the details with your order or email me with your order number.

When can I expect my order?

I try to do my shipping on Thursdays. All pending orders go out at that time. However, while the postal service suggests delivery times I've experienced wildly different accounts from buyers. Nearby locations can take stoopid long while international destinations have taken mere days. In general, 3 days to 2 weeks. Your mileage may vary.